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Weekly Themes May Include: 

Alphabet/Phonetic Knowledge

Associating ABC’s to correct sounds

Comprehension Skills
Kids need to understand what they are reading, not just how to read.
Comprehension skills should start long before a child is reading; they can be developed using picture books/stories.

Concepts of Print Exercises
Developing an understanding of the concepts of how printed language works.
(Reading left to right, spaces between words, etc.)

Interactive Short Stories

Reading, Math, Social Studies, & Science incorporated into stories

Math Skills 
Early Addition, subtraction, shapes, sorting, counting, sequencing, etc.


Cool Animal Facts, Scientific Inquiry

Social Studies

Topics will vary

Word Work
Onset Riming
Constructing/segmenting words

Self-Monitoring Strategies
Does this word look right, sound right, etc.

A weekly newsletter will be sent home with your child to let you know what he or she has worked on!  Remember, all of the applications used are educational in nature and GUARANTEED TO BE FUN!!!

Kindergartners are assessed at the beginning of the school year and with their knowledge base, students are categorized and placed into “groups” according to their academic levels.  Little Techs graduates will enter kindergarten knowing everything they need to be successful students.  They will be assessed at the beginning of the kindergarten school year, and with their extensive knowledge base, our students will be placed in enriched programs that will follow them for the rest of their lives!


Little Tech’s curriculum is developmentally appropriate, designed to prepare a student for early literacy, enhance the age-appropriate progress of students in attaining the state-adopted performance standards, and prepare students to be ready for the next grade level.  Little Techs may select or design the curriculum for their classes that support the district’s curriculum, state frameworks, and content standards.



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