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Technology in Education

 Research on the use of education technology with children consistently exhibits these positive results:


·         Students in technology rich environments experience positive effects on achievement in all major subject areas.


·         Students in technology rich environments show increased achievement in preschool through higher education for both regular and special needs children.



·         Students’ attitudes toward learning and their own self-concept improve consistently when computers and technology are used for instruction.


·         On average, students who use computer-based instruction score significantly higher on achievement tests when compared to students in control conditions without the use of computers or technology.



·         Students learn more in less time when they receive computer-based instruction.


·         Education technology results in new learning experiences requiring higher level reasoning and problem solving.


·         Students have fun with technology!

For more information on research studies in educational technology, go to:

Informative Articles on the Use of Technology in Education:


·         The Role of Technology in Early Childhood Programs

-      By: Francis Wardle, Ph.D.



·      The Effects of Playing Educational Video Games on Kindergarten Achievement

-      By: Feng S. Din, University of St. Francis; and Josephine Calao, Newark School District



·       Georgia Senator Wants to Replace Schoolbooks with iPads
- By: Jake Zarobsky



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